edited picCorsetry is a classic feminine way to enhance a curvy female figure. Often used in bridal wear and hi- end special occasion wear for its supporting structure qualities, whether obviously there or a discrete foundation, a corset is every girl’s friend. The layers of support gently lift and cradle the bust in place, narrows the waist while the boning supports this curvy hour glass shape.

The classical Victorian corsets with steel boning can be tight laced to reduce inches off   the  waistline, And there is a following for waist training but this is taking this to the extreme. These corsets are traditionally fastened with a two inch gap of criss- cross lacing and eyelets, but  for a modern look, loops and ribbon can be substituted, or  even a zip, whether a decorative chunky zip or a concealed zip. For those that don’t like their flesh exposed through the lacing, a modifier panel can be in place. For me, the fun starts in using the corset as a base and building on it with beautiful fabrics, and embellishing..

Bridal corsets are generally constructed with plastic boning that supports and shapes the female form while allowing a base to get creative and highly embellish with fabrics and crystal beading.

To build a corset is exactly that, precise measuring and layering of components, assembling and fitting to get the best aesthetically pleasing look.

Corsetry for fashion started a revival when Madonna wore that pointy bra cup corset by Jean Paul Gaultier, the fame of burlesque starlet Dita Von Teese and singer Katy Perry, all different looks but built on the same idea, to show our seductive curves!

Wear with killer heels, your best skinny jeans or a feminine evening skirt; transform your body like nothing else can!

Using the corset foundation in your size, it’s possible for you to transform into an artform!

Made to your measurements, you can choose your fabric, decorative details, neckline and fastening.  All my clients say how surprisingly comfortable they are to wear.

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