Awaywiththefaeries Measure chart

This is a simple quick way to get your personal body measurements, and having a friend to take them for you makes it easier. You need a measure tape, a pen and paper to note down, and work in cm. Wear simple clothes such as a T shirt and leggings. Wear your best supporting bra. Do not be tempted to add extra cm, the pattern process adds extra ease needed for comfort.

Start with tying a length of tape, ribbon or string around your waist. Tie firmly as tight as you would have your waistband. This will fall at your natural waist and be a guide. You should be able to get two fingers inside; this is your ‘ease’

Stand with feet slightly apart with equal weight on each leg, back straight, no slouching!

Waist – this is the line around the smallest part, along the string

Bust– keep tape flat, run around the bra over the fullest part over the nipples

Under bust -this is underneath the bust, along the line of your bra band

Point to point – a short measurement from nipple to nipple

Bra cup size  A B C D etc

Hips –the widest part around your body, this should be approx 20cm below the waist tape

Shoulder – along the seam line of front and back, from neck to the armhole

Neck size – around your neck base, where a choker necklace would sit

Nape to waist – there is a knobby bone at the top of the spine, centre back, measure down to the waist string

Waist to hip – from waist tape to fullest part of hip

Waist to knee – from waist tape to knee, on the knee not above or below

Waist to floor –  from waist tape to floor. Shoe height to be added later

For sleeved garments

Arm – top at the widest part

Wris t– allow two fingers to get between the tape and your arm

Sleeve   – bend elbow slightly, measure from shoulder to knobby bone on wrist


Thigh – measure the widest part



Download the chart here in PDF format